Product Info

1. What are Cycle Handles?

Cycle Handles are an easy-to-use innovation that provides safety, stability and comfort to both you and your passenger.
Cycle Handles attach to your motorcycle. A passenger can hold onto them instead of you, making the ride safe and comfortable for both of you.
Cycle Handles are not permanent. Not only can you easily attach and remove them from your gas tank, you can also adjust them to fit your passenger’s height and seating position. But during the ride, they are immoveable.

2. Benefits

Before Cycle Handles

When you ride with a passenger who holds onto you or your clothing, your mobility is severely restricted and weight distribution is unbalanced. Accelerating, turning, maneuvering and sudden braking become challenging. Rough roads and terrain become downright dangerous. Worse, you and your passenger are both at risk.

After Cycle Handles

When you use Cycle Handles, your passenger holds onto the handles; not you or the gas tank. During the ride, Cycle Handles are immoveable, giving your passenger a secure grip that doesn’t hinder you. Your unrestricted movement provides you complete control of the motorcycle. Acceleration, turns, maneuvers and sudden stops become easier. Rough roads and terrain are manageable. You and your passenger are safer. Cycle Handles also eases the pressure between you and your passenger, so the ride is comfortable for both of you.

 3. How To Use Cycle Handles

When you want to take a ride with a passenger, determine where you want to mount the handles for the person’s height. Then mount Cycle Handles to the gas tank. Once they are attached, your passenger holds onto the handles and not you. It’s as easy as that! When the ride is over, take them off. You can re-attach them the next time you have a passenger.
To Mount Cycle Handles

  1. Place the suction pad on a smooth, nonporous surface on the motorcycle gas tank.
  2. To activate the suction, use the pump and remove excess air from between the suction pad and the surface of the gas tank.
  3. When the handles are completely attached, the pump mechanism stops automatically and you will no longer see the red line indicator. The suction pad is now securely sealed to the surface.

To Release Cycle Handles

  1. Lift the two release tabs near the edges of the suction pad.
  2. Simply remove the suction pad off the surface.